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“If we desire respect for the law, then we must first make the law respectable.”

“Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness but instead expose them”

State Audit Targets Sacramento, Marin Family Courts



Kathleen Russell of CJE Radio Interview

Take the slider to minute 9.

Read/download the AOC Audit Report

Much thanks goes to the Center for Judicial Excellence, Kathleen Russell, et al. for working so hard to get the audits and to expose the truth.

Another section of The Public Court, “Serious problems with Custody Evaluators,…” reveals evidence backing up the two articles above, and there is strong material evidence backing up these claims — the AOC has been presented with the evidence. Sacramento and Marin are not the only Counties needing an audit — the articles above only scratch the surface of the abuse at the taxpayers hands. Judicial Council Watcher has more in depth information on the CA Administrative Office of the Courts. So far, for San Diego County the only perception and actions the Court and AOC give are “deny, deceive, and ignore,” basically the same corruption they are/have been facing up North.

Read the email evidence below between Emad Tadros MD and Eric Pulido of the Internal Audit Services, Judicial Council of California – Administrative Office of the Courts. In phone conversations, Mr. Pulido always mentions his “boss,” deferring to him as if he (Eric Pulido) is not responsible, and Mr. Pulido won’t provide his bosses name or contact information, and neither will his “boss” contact CCFC. Mr. Pulido has been very cordial and has carefully listened to our complaints in phone conversations with Emad Tadros MD and a couple other CCFC Members, and much evidence has been sent to him. However, it is shocking that the AOC is doing nothing. It is so clear and simple that they are in violation. The violations are not hard to see or grasp at all. They only send out “cookie cutter” evasive sounding emails in response, the same one every time. The evidence that has been sent them is shockingly clear of the criminal-level violations by San Diego Superior Court, and this is their response? This is who your tax dollars are going to folks.

From: “Eric Pulido”
To: “Emad Tadros”
Cc: “Internal Audit Services”
Sent: Monday, October 18, 2010 6:12:43 PM GMT -08:00 US/Canada Pacific

Dr. Tadros,

The Internal Audit Services unit, which I work for, sent you an acknowledgement letter on September 17, 2010 via U.S. Postal Service. My office has sent similar acknowledgement electronic mail messages over the weeks in response to your electronic mail communications with our office.

The information and/or documentation that you provided will be reviewed, handled in accordance with judicial branch policies and procedures, and appropriate action taken.


Eric Pulido
Supervising Internal Auditor
Internal Audit Services
Judicial Council of California – Administrative Office of the Courts
455 Golden Gate Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102-3688
415-865-8030, Fax 415-865-4331, eric.pulido@jud.ca.gov

“Serving the courts for the benefit of all Californians”

—–Original Message—–
From: Emad Tadros [mailto:tadrosmd@pol.net]
Sent: Monday, October 18, 2010 12:27 PM
To: Pulido, Eric
Cc: EqualParenting; John Van Doorn; cole; Kathleen Russell; Kathleen Russell; kauffmanlaw@sbcglobal.net

Dear Mr. Pulido:

The first phone call from our group representatives to your office was around March/April 2010. My first phone contact with your office was around early July 2010. My first formal email communication an in writing with you and your office was on 9-24-10 after I have not heard from you.

In these communications, I have repeatedly asked your person and your office for some direction as to how to handle the serious matter, that Motions and Documents have been disappearing from my Tadros V. Doyne down here in our San Diego County. So far, while I am in need of every day to process my appeal promptly, I heard NOTHING from you and/or your office in regards to this Michael Roddy’s “San-Diego Superior Court controlled, Tadros v. Doyne-Case-Documents-Disappearacne-Matter.”

1- Why no email or fax or any professional reply or consideration from your Administrative Office of the Court/AOC office in regards to the serious concern(s) we outlined earlier?

I reiterated that the violations in our county courts are the result of Mr. Michael Roddy’s derelict and lack of professional oversight of our San Diego Courts, where Mr. Roddy did NOT perform according to his CRC Mandate and his professional assignments. I am now never able to perfect my Tadros V. Doyne case records for the Appeal as a result of your “AOC’s failure to supervise” where California Rules of the Court/CRC have been violated in our county for 9 years from 2001 till end of 2009.

2- What is the main reason as to why AOC allows Mr. Roddy such a free pass “to continue” to be in charge of what clearly appears to be a malignant and unprofessional corruption in our San Diego County Court?

3- How much time do you think the AOC would need to figure the Flagrant CRC Violations by our San Diego County Court? More than 2 minutes?

4- What would be the benefit of keeping Silent when 23 of our 26 Family Court Judges did not fill out their state mandate California Form 700 Statement of Economic Interests, which is their formal Election Campaign Funds reporting? Is this an Illegal act?

5- What are the consequences of maintaining this AOC silence? Would that continue to convey injustice an harm to the helpless children, trafficked by our local court unprofessional(s).

As we mentioned with our good intentions previously, what we see is subtle progressive harm committed by thugs with professional wigs protected under the color of authority on the innocent families and their children, through piracy and the very violations of your own CRC?

San Diego County was on the hit list for an audit for a good reason, but somehow and someway, the San Diego county slipped through all audit and did not go through ANY audit,… for A VERY GOOD REASON?

“CRC WERE THERE SINCE 2001 FOR A REASON.” We have been stopping at nothing and we still hope that his matter stops at your AOC and goes no further. I hope that you do not let our hope fade away, as it has been with your recent AOC’s undue silence. With our sincere US undying and free spirit and as we are respectfully tenacious, we will leave NO stone unturned until our local court take the fair professional approach for those pirated upon and robbed San Diego Families.


Emad Tadros MD


  1. San Diego Court Watch says

    Steven Adam, Stephen Doyne, David Green, Lori Love et all must be looking over their shoulders right now

  2. A few others along with myself sent solid evidence of corruption by San Diego Family Court to Eric Pulido of the Office of Internal Audits of the CA Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC), and they have done nothing about our concerns and complaints, absolutely nothing. They are the “fox in the henhouse” too. Totally corrupt Administration. Where’s the audit for San Diego and the entire State AOC ?!?

  3. Mr. Pulido’s boss is Sr. Manager of Internal Audits John Judnick. John Judnick’s boss is Director of Finance Stephen Nash. If you want to know more about John Judnick and how he and Mr. Pulido’s job is to bury the dirt go over to Judicial Council Watcher and google John Judlick’s name.

  4. Here is our bio’s on your two Internal Audits people at the AOC:

    John “The Cleaner” Judnick, the senior manager of the AOC internal audits division serves as the ironically named ”confidential fraud waste and abuse coordinator” for California’s judicial branch of government. His title as the ironically named “confidential fraud, waste and abuse coordinator” accurately represents what his role is in coordinating fraud, waste and abuse. He operates an 800 number where dumb-ass judicial branch employees who genuinely believe they are doing the right thing reporting fraud, waste and abuse can call and file a report. Mr. Judnick’s role is not to do anything about any fraud, waste, abuse or public corruption. His role is to ferret out the whistleblower, ferret out the facts, ferret out the evidence and then make it all disappear. Mr. John Judnick is a central figure in the taxpayer funded racketeering enterprise that is the AOC.

    Eric “The Cleaner’s Boy” Pulido is the supervising analyst in the internal audits divison and the number two person in charge. His job is to work with John “The Cleaner” Judnick supervising lower level auditors but also to work together to ensure the judicial branch or trial courts remain faultless.

    By the way, judicialcouncilwatcher is placing the finishing touches on marincourtwatcher and sandiegocourtwatcher. For the proper definiton of what a cleaner is, use urbandictionary.com

    3. Cleaner
    Usually called upon to clean up a mess another mobster has made. For instance: a gangster robs a store one night and comes back to base with a bullet in his stomach. A cleaner is quickly called-up and will be sent in to clear any sight of evidence, even if this means killing the store-keeper.

    Elite cleaners are rarely found in the mobs/mafias/gangs etc., but instead are part of a government agency. Considering the drastic consequenced often involved with these agencies actions, elite cleaners are required. You never hear of them, and you rarely hear of what they have cleaned up. All that’s left is the event: something happened, but the cleaner will make sure there are no trails left behind. Such cleaning jobs can be on a global scale, such as clearing a trail of money used to get the job done.

  5. By the way, these are not the only two cleaners at the AOC. The current director of the Human Resources department at the AOC used to work as a cleaner for the LARTD in the role of “inspector general” an appointed position. Here is an LA Times article outlining his experience before he went to work for the AOC. http://articles.latimes.com/1994-12-07/local/me-6010_1_appellate-court

  6. Custodial Mom says

    My case is filed in San Diego. It’s been just awful to fight for years, alone, truly ” deny, deceive and ignore’. DCSS lost important certified mail at the front desk. I wrote letters to my CA. state legislators requesting an audit on my account which is being embezzled in thousands from, as well as fraught with other blatant violations of the law. I’m owed in excess of $200,000.00 in child support. I’ve love to talk to someone else about positive, moving forward action. I’ve taken many other steps besides. Fight the good fight and keep fighting!.

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