L. Brandeis, Other People’s Money (National Home Library Foundation ed. 1933)

“If we desire respect for the law, then we must first make the law respectable.”

(Ephesians 5:11)

"Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness but instead expose them"

Appellate Court Does Not Validate Dr. Stephen Doyne Credentials and Experience

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***Voice message left on Dr. Tadros’ answering machine in June 2011 by Jan who worked as Stephen Doyne’s office manager for many years. 

The voice recording says, “…Dr. Tadros I wanted to let you know, …I know you know Stephen Doyne, and I wanted to let you know that …his wife, Beth, is on the payroll every 2-weeks …for $5,000 Dollars and has never worked at his office, and also she collected unemployment while she also collected that $5,000 Dollars every 2-weeks …I just wanted to let you know that. Bye. … To Replay Press 1, To Save Press 2, To Delete Press 3…”

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The Legal Framework:

California Rules Of The Court Were Established And Mandated to Grant Public Protection And Never To Serve Court Expert Frauds And/Or Mandatory Rules Of Court “Violators.”

The Violated Civil Rights In This Case:

Fifth Amendment Violated: Due Process Right Is Violated

Mandatory California Rule of Court, Rule 5.225 explicitly states that each court must “Accept and Process” complaints against 730 evaluators. Both the Superior and Appellate Courts have been served with tangible and concrete evidence that there was never any complaints accepted or processed by any of their entities against any 730 evaluator. Why is there denial of Due Process?

Fourteenth Amendment Violated: Equal Protection Under The Law Is Violated.

San Diego County parents were never treated equally as other CA county parents. They were never served with a single FL-327 or FL-326 from 2001 till August 2009. And when they finally received FL-326, they were signed fraudulently under the penalty of perjury by Stephen Doyne. Please read the Stephen Doyne Tax Fraud here on this site.

Facts: Stephen Doyne “Lying” Pathology has also been very clever misleading the public, judges, and attorneys that he was honored by: 

1- specialty certification in the forensic field, 2- teaching at universities 3- being appointed as adjunct professor at the University of San Diego School of Law. Adding to his compassionate game playing and vocabulary, Doyne’s dishonesty has carried him far in San Diego County. That is it. Stephen Doyne PhD became famous by his Manipulative  “Lying.” The evidence is proven solid on the www.thepubliccourt.com.

As usual Dr. Doyne continues to mislead the public by stating the Appellate court validates his credentials and experience! He only relies on public naivety to believe this nonsense. This is one more solid proof that Doyne is not willing to give up his pathological “Lying” misleading the public.

The appellate decision only affirmed the lower court decision that no discovery will ever be allowed to investigate Doyne’s Credentials, period! This is the plain truth that Doyne tries hard to hide and color differently misleading the public, when in fact winning for him was simply by “denying any of Tadros’s discovery as to how Doyne obtained any such credentials, when all reliable university sources deny Stephen Doyne’s existence?  Such denial of Discovery justified that Doyne will be protected to not go to trial. That is it. The court in all practicality stated that because Doyne submitted work to the court, Doyne can have a free pass to violate the California Rules of Court, Rule 5.225, mandatory FL-326 Filing and/or service on the San Diego Parents, for Doyne to lie under the penalty of perjury, be appointed illegally in violation of Mandatory Rules of Court and cheat and lie on his Resume. As simple as that.

The court said he is immune from liability based on the litigation privilege, period. A lie is a lie and there is no two ways about it. Universities’ letters denied ever hiring Dr. Stephen Doyne with diligent research back to the 70s and they checked long and hard through all digital and manual records. His CV says he taught there, and he himself can’t produce anything proving such. Well-respected custody evaluator Dr. Stephen Doyne in the San Diego court system gained that respect by “Lying.”

Stephen Doyne’s teaching does relate to his qualifications as an evaluator. Corner stone here is Doyne’s Honesty and Character. If he lies on his CV, that is called “Dishonesty.” That’s serious. Someone who has gained the trust of the courts and the system through dishonesty, falsely claiming he taught at universities where evidence shows he did not. That Matters.

Not a single Discovery was ever allowed. WHY? It does not absolve Stephen Doyne of the allegations that he uses false credentials in his CV. He does, and ABC 10News I-Team Investigation exposed him through thorough investigation of the facts, www.10news.com/news/19985926/detail.html.

Doyne’s CV states he was an Adjunct Professor at the University of San Diego School of Law. But USD denies in writing having any record of Stephen Doyne, and USD’s Office of the VP and the Provost states in a letter that although she has been able to find records for any full or part time faculty member she is asked about since 1972, she found no record of him even after checking with the Dean’s office of the law school and asking several faculty members, one of whom was there since 1967 and does not remember a Stephen Doyne.

Doyne’s CV states he was an Instructor at UCSD. But UCSD searched their payroll records and found he “has NOT been directly employed by UCSD. In his defense, Doyne produced a weekend seminar catalogue saying he taught a one-day seminar at one of the universities (that makes him an “instructor” at that university?), and produced a declaration from a professor who remembers Stephen Doyne taking his class with the intent to later teach the class. That is all. Doyne could not produce a single person who remembered him teaching at these universities. No student, professor, staff member, payroll record or anything. The letters from the universities, which deny any record of him, go back to the 70s, so his claim that “nobody keeps records that long” is simply not true. Had he taught in the 70s he could come up with at least a student or staffer or any tangible evidence. Stephen Doyne had nothing.

Although Dr. Stephen Doyne is a psychologist, he apparently is not REAL board certified, and instead misleads with a diploma mill “diplomate” credential that is sold on the internet by Robert O’Block, who the American Bar Association Journal documented has sold psychotherapist credentials to a cat named “Zoe” when the cat’s owner applied using the name “Zoe D. Katz,” and also mailed another one to an inmate in Prison. All from the very same address you can purchase these “credentials” in almost every field of science. You can see these here at www.thepubliccourt.com/14-board-exhibits/

Others can hide Dr. Doyne behind the litigation privilege, but that changes NOTHING. A lie is A Lie.

The last decision issued by the Appellate Court and San Diego Superior Court mutually agreed that it is ACCEPTABLE that Stephen Doyne’s appointment would be in violation of Mandatory California Rules of Court, Rule 5.225; FL-326,  Deprive the San Diego County parents of Due Process, not serve FL-327 or FL-326 as mandated for the benefit and protection of San Diego parents, and for Doyne to sign and file form FL-326 fraudulently under the penalty of perjury and be in violation of Mandatory CRC. 

Please examine the concrete evidence here under CA Bar Complaint and Stephen Doyne Tax Fraud.

This case is a good example to all of us that if we make a mistake, just admit it and move on so you would not lose others’ respect. This will carry REAL professionals with integrity far more than trying to fabricate and cover up a lie.

Thank you,

Emad Tadros M.D.
Board Certified, Diplomate American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.
San Diego Superior Court Expert Witness since 1993